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How To Fight A Bear

How To Fight A Bear 6.PNG

An Interactive Encounter

We created this course with our 'bear' hands using Articulate Storyline 360. When possible, you should always avoid fighting a bear, but sometimes circumstances lead to defending yourself. Using 3D models and 2.5D motion graphics, this course walks you through identifying two types of bears, preparing for a camping trip, and surviving in bear country. 

See what Tom Kuhlmann, Chief Learning Architect at Articulate, said about this course. 

Designing The Experience 

Check out how we made the 3D interactive bear quiz in this tutorial. Download this free 3D PowerPoint resource to practice designing your own 3D experience. You'll need an Office 365 subscription.  

This tutorial shows how to create the 3D falling leaves effect. Download this pre-made 3D PowerPoint resource to preview and rearrange the leaves. You'll need an Office 365 subscription.  

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