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Inner voice...It can be positive or negative. When I started creating e-learning, I was terrified of sharing examples. After posting my first example to the Articulate community, I was filled with self-doubt. My inner voice said:


‘I shouldn’t have posted that. Now everyone will see how bad I am at this. I don’t know what I’m doing. Everyone else is more qualified.’


Thankfully, the community was super supportive and encouraging. It didn’t matter if my example was far from perfect or that I included a few too many over-the-top animations. Luckily, no one died from my bullet points. By sharing my example, I was able to receive a lot of helpful feedback. I found that others had similar questions, and as I grew, I was able to start helping others along the way.


I’ve learned that negative self-talk isn’t a reflection of reality. It only paralyzes and prevents us from seeing the good we can do. I hope this example encourages you to be kind to yourself.


You can print the last slide. Shoutout to Owen Holt for making it super easy to add a print button. Here’s his tutorial

If you like the fonts I’ve used, you can download them here:



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